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Enterprise Plus Edition   $3800.00 

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Enterprise Edition   $1800.00 

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Professional Edition   $1350.00 

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Standard Edition   $900.00 

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Basic Edition   $450.00 

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Note:  After purchase you will immediately be provided with your User Name and License Key to unlock the program.  If you purchase the Full Source Edition, you will also receive additional files with HR Data Manager source code.  You will also receive an email with information to access the HR Data Manager support site which includes product downloads, guides, video tutorials and more.

Why We Use PayPal
We use PayPal as our online payment processor because they are well known and offer ideal security measures to protect our customers.  If you do not have a PayPal account, do not worry, you can still pay online through PayPal with a credit card.  Feel free to learn more about PayPal at

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We also accept Purchase Orders at our discretion from government agencies and educational institutions within the United States of America.  Purchase Orders must be paid within 30 days.